As a network of Asian American documentary filmmakers, we aspire to help other Asian American documentarians, partner with community organizations and educators, and foster collaboration among the filmmaker community. Below are a list of resources we have compiled and a description its purpose:

A-Doc Film Database:

This is a database of documentaries about Asian American topics, produced by Asian Americans. This resource is geared toward educators looking to screen a film in their classroom, student or community organizations looking to host a screening. Each film listing provides contact information and details on purchasing a license. Not all filmmakers on this database are A-Doc members, but many are. Films on this site have relevant content to Asian American Studies and many have study guides. Filmmakers have presented these films at academic conferences, classroom visits, guest lectures, and campus screenings.

Click on the links below to peruse the database by specific topics:

A-Doc Crew Database:

This is a database of A-Doc members and their areas of expertise in filmmaking. If you’re looking to collaborate with an A-Doc member for your project, this is your go-to resource. For convenience, the database can be viewed sorted alphabetically by last namelanguages spoken and location within each area of expertise.