How to Navigate A-Doc Documentary Database on Airtable

1. Visit the database here

2. The simplest method to navigate the database is to use the search bar on the top right. You can type in the name of a director, keyword, or title of a documentary and the results containing these search fields will be highlighted.


3. You can also apply filters or sort the base using custom filters. The docs are automatically listed in alphabetical order by title. You can apply filters or sort them differently. 

a. Sort by Year 
In the top left corner, click “sort”. Then under “pick a field to sort by”, click on “year”. “Sort A-Z” will sort the films from oldest to newest, “Sort Z-A” will sort the films from newest to oldest. 

b. Filter by keywords 
If you’d like to filter the database to see only films that have certain keywords, go to “filter” in the top right corner, then where it says “where name contains”, scroll down to “keywords”. Type in the desired keyword you’d like to filter by. 



How to Navigate A-Doc Crew Database on Airtable

1. View a video tutorial here.